CCOM welcomes anyone who is concerned about federal overreach, believes in states' rights and the Constitution, and thinks more voices equals more power to affect change. To get involved, stay up to date on legislative issues, and learn how you can do more, we encourage you to join our email list and to check back periodically on this website.

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Check back for information on the next rally in Jeff City. We are planning one for April, and it will focus on the final push to get legislation through in this session. Some of the key bills we like:

Voter Integrity, HB738, passed the House, currently in the Senate. This bill has just about everything. Hand marked paper ballots, elimination of electronic voting systems as of 1/1/22, no more mail in ballots, voter ID, absentee balloting, both pre-2021 rules and a three week "no excuse" but only with valid picture ID, and SOS voter role enforcement ability to both audit county voting records and withhold funds if non-compliance is not corrected (dead vote, voters who have moved, invalid addresses, etc.)


Second Amendment Protection: HB85, passed the House, currently in the Senate. Makes Missouri a second amendment sanctuary state. Prohibits Missouri co-operation in federal overreach. Law enforcement can enforce Missouri gun laws but will not co-operate with federal agents when only federal gun laws are attempting to be enforced. This legislation is a check on the federal second amendment over reach we are currently seeing.

Civilian Minutemen Militia: SB528, currently sitting in the General Laws committee (needs emails and phone calls to the chair of that committee, Senator Ed Eigel). Senator Eigel's contact info:

(573) 751-1141, Email Address (Be respectful, but make it clear you want this bill out of committee, and passed.) This bill creates a citizen militia reporting only to the governor. Anyone who is eligible to purchase a firearm is eligible to sign up. Name and address are the only information obtained. Militia members immediately have protection from federal confiscation or taxation of firearms, ammunition, and accessories because any of these items (which are never acknowledged, known, or disclosed to anyone) become the "property of the state". You can withdraw from the militia at any point prior to being called to service.

Initiative Petitions - SJR2, about to pass in the Senate (as of 4/6/21), and then on to the House. It changes the ease with which our constitution can be amended which eliminates outside money and interests from bypassing our legislature, cherry picking liberal counties to obtain signatures, and leaving the rest of Missouri out of the process. 

We encourage Concerned Citizens to contact state legislators through emails, phone calls, rallies, and periodic visits to their offices for one-on-one discussions.

Useful links for Missouri legislation:

Secure Missouri legislation: click HERE

Information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and office suite numbers:

Senate, click HERE

House, click HERE

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