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Impeachment News
Because We're Apparently not Sick of It Just Yet....sigh

A Malicious Indictment Mitch Should Toss Out

-By Patrick Buchanan, Real Clear Politics

The articles of impeachment on which the Judiciary Committee and the House voted do not contain a single crime required by the Constitution for impeachment and removal. There is no charge of treason, no charge of bribery or "other high crimes and misdemeanors."

So weak is the case for impeachment that the elite in this city is demanding that the Senate do the work the House failed to do. 

"Nothing says seriousness and sobriety like handing out souvenirs" 

This Tawdry Impeachment Spectacle Must Run Its Course​

- By Conrad Black, American Greatness

For any reader who has been in a submarine or outer space or Antarctica for the last six months, the charges are abuse of office and contempt of Congress. The first is not a ground for impeachment unless specified as treason, bribery, or another high crime or equivalent misdemeanor—and none such is alleged. As to the second charge, the only thing the president is actually guilty of is

contempt of Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi for running a rigged partisan mudslinging operation where the president received none of the protections accorded to defendants by the Bill of Rights; failure to be contemptuous of it would itself be contemptible.

Top Democrat stuns CNN host when asked if Trump obstructed justice

- By Carlos Garcia, The Blaze

Nadler, who is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, admitted that there as not yet enough evidence to positively conclude that the president obstructed justice, but that his personal opinion was that he had done so.

To The Liberal Media’s Dismay, There Will Be No Disastrous War With Iran

 - Only a mainstream media that’s been blinded by hatred of Trump could be this disappointed their predictions of all-out war with Iran haven’t come true. 

By John Daniel Davidson

Rand Paul Is Right: If The Senate Wants Impeachment Witnesses, They Have To Call Hunter Biden

Do Democrats really care about the getting to the bottom of the allegations against Trump, or do they just want a show trial?

- By John Daniel Davidson

Washington Tries, And Fails, To Defend Nancy Pelosi’s Failed Impeachment Strategy

- ...not even the most pro-Pelosi hacks in existence could make the case for the strategy.​

- By Ben Domenech

The Media Is Always, Always Wrong About Trump And National Security

We should stop listening to the media on national security issues, since they are always wrong. As a captive audience, they make us accompany them through their stages of hysteria, and it's insufferable.

- By Erielle Davidson

American Thinker logo smaller yet.jpg

Trump Unbound

by J.R. Dunn

They hit Trump with an attempt to subvert electors, with the Mueller investigation, with the emoluments clause, with the 25th Amendment, and then with impeachment. And all of it simply bounced off.  More

Progressive Eco-Group Admits It: Renewable Energy is a Hoax that Benefits its Greenie Elmer Gantries like Al Gore

by John Eidson

Al Gore, the Elmer Gantry of energy, is making  a pretty penny on energy schemes and now the rabid left is admitting some uncomfortable truths. More

On Soleimani, President Trump Did the Right Thing

by Elise Cooper

Here are several quotations from people who would knowMore

Cocaine Mitch pounds Nancy Pelosi into a powder

Over in the Senate, Democrats are breaking with Pelosi and begging for mercy. More

The Democrat party is officially a dysfunctional family

The Democrat party as currently constituted, at least its leadership, seems to be blighted by the conviction that only its chosen "facts" can be true. More

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Liberals Want To Grab Your Guns

But, Who Will Do the Grabbing

This is a MUST READ Article

The Return of the Moron Vote

Democrats know who their key constituents are.

Could Google Steal the Election?

Google is affecting opinion through biased search results.

Older Topics
Nate Madden/Capitol Hill Brief

Trump admin announces welfare reform​

“With unemployment at record lows, with 7 million available job openings, work opportunities are abundant,” said Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala. “Able-bodied adults should never be allowed to vote for a living rather than work for one.”

  Read more....

Always to the point, Mark Levin opines on a variety of topics. This is a permanent link to his website. Visit regulary! 

The BEST summary of the problem with socialism I've ever seen.

Click to enlarge.

problem with socialism.jpg
cartoon - professors.jpg
Mark Levin

Progressives like Warren want to abolish the Electoral College because they want to get rid of our constitutional system entirely

...what Warren and the Democrats would like to see, is exactly what Madison said it was: a tyranny of the majority. In this case, it would be a tyranny whose enormous power was concentrated in Washington, D.C., to an even greater extent than it already is. Read More...

Despite Common Core Promises, U.S. Kids Repeat Poor Performance On Latest Global Test

Add another set of test results to the stack deflating promises U.S. leaders said justified the major arm-twisting required to switch the nation to Common Core. On Tuesday, the latest results from a respected international test showed U.S. students making no progress in math or reading since the last such exam three years ago. 

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It's looking more like Trump will be reelected in 2020

- The Economy

- Foreign Policy

- Impeachment Farce

- Poor Democrat Candidate Choices

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​"In America, we know what kind of future we want for ourselves. What kind of nation America must always be.  We value the majesty of freedom and the dignity of the individual. We believe in self government and the rule of law and a culture that sustains our liberty. A culture of strong families, deep faith, and fierce independence. We celebrate our heroes, we treasure our traditions, and above all, we love our country."

​- President Trump, in his 9/25/18 address to the United Nations​ or
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