Secure Missouri
Secure Missouri is a grassroots effort, led by Missouri County Chairs and their constituents, along with other conservative groups, to secure the future of our great state. Secure Missouri represents Missourians who are concerned about federal government actions that threaten our freedoms and rights. 
It is our intent to affect changes to our State laws that will ensure voter integrity and protect the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. We believe in, and promote States' Rights, as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment, and we are opposed to federal overreach. We are resolved to elect strong conservatives at the local, state, and federal levels who pledge to defend the sovereignty of our state against illegal federal mandates, rule by executive fiat, and any actions which violate the Constitution. 
This page will be used to track legislation important to our goals, and to update visitors to the page on the status of our work and our legislators' efforts.  
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Secure Missouri Goals
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​Election Integrity

1. Mandate the paper ballot as the official, and only, ballot in Missouri. HB738, HB842, HB925, SB378,

2. Mandatory Voter ID throughout the state. HB334, SB14,

3. Outlaw Dominion and Sequoia (and any other name they change to or acquire) election systems. HB738, HB842, SB378

4. Outlaw any machine with the capability of altering ballot data or transmitting data electronically.

5. Eliminate mail in balloting. Pre-2021 absentee rules and early in-person are the only alternatives to voting on Election Day.

6. Eliminate open primaries. Voters must select a party affiliation, or Independent, when registering to

vote. HB26

7. Stop outside interest groups from pouring large amounts of money into the state to influence elections.

8. Prohibit Ranked Choice Voting.

9. Clean up the voter rolls. SB137,

9. Give the SOS oversight responsibilities for election rolls at the county level, including the ability to audit rolls, enforce changes, and fine or prosecute county clerks who remain in non compliance.

10. Impose severe penalties for destruction of ballots, manipulation of ballot data, or engaging in voter fraud of any kind.

Legislative Protection & Accountability

1. Change the process by which amendments can be added to our state constitution so that it is much harder to make changes. HB333,HJR2, HJR21, HJR22, SRJ13, SB149, SJR2, SJR11 

2. Change how judges are appointed to the MO Supreme Court by eliminating the law association panel and instead requiring confirmation by the MO Senate. SJR14

​3. Establish a legislative subcommittee to review all Executive Orders, and pass associated legislation that prohibits the implementation and enforcement of any EO or US legislation deemed to be in violation of the US Constitution or Missouri's Constitution. 

4. Change the Bond Rule that allows criminals to be released without bail or held as necessary.

5. Elect conservatives who pledge to fight for State's Rights & against federal overreach

Rights & Freedoms

1. Secure our second amendment rights through SAPA legislation.  HB85 (passed), SB39

2. Prohibit mandatory vaccinations, including those that are covid related.

​​3. Prevent defunding of law enforcement,  SB66

4. Implement a special court that ensures candidates have standing to bring up election challenges.

5. Create a digital bill of rights.

​​​​6. Prevent foreign countries and non citizens from owning farming or commercial property in Missouri.

Bills We Oppose

SB51 & SB42 - Covid 19 "liability" bills that feel more like a "compliance or else" bills. Click HERE to view a video about these bills:

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