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We decided to devote a page to the left wing socialists who have taken over the old Democrat party. Its good to know who's up to what, and why.  We invite reasonable democrats to join us. We know you don't share the socialist values of the current crop running for office, and we bet you have a lot more in common with republicans than you might think. Love of country, family values, quality education, and a future for your children to name just a few. 


If you want to know more about socialism, and what the Democrat Socialist Agenda means for this country (it isn't a pretty picture), click Here to visit our website page on the subject. 

Socialist Agenda

"The de facto Democratic agenda for 2020 is shaping up to be open borders, race and gender identity politics, and free health care for undocumented immigrants. Many of the Democratic contenders support Medicare for All, repartitions for slavery, the Green New Deal, a wealth tax, and much higher taxes overall." - Victor Davis Hanson

Here's a partial list of their agenda:

  • Expand social security even though the trustees have warned its already projected to be bankrupt by 2034

  • Favor and protect after birth abortion - just to be clear, we're talking about killing a living, breathing baby who has survived birth and any attempted abortion

  • Abolish the Electoral College (click Here for a full explanation of why eliminating it would mean being ruled by Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago) 

  • Pack the Supreme Court by expanding the number of judges to 15

  • Lower the voting age to 16

  • Allow illegal aliens to vote

  • Confiscate weapons

  • Eliminate the first amendment through  "voter reform" 

  • Nationalize energy

  • Nationalize healthcare 

  • Impose a 70% to 90% wealth tax 

  • Add a VAT tax (without eliminating the income tax)

  • Provide FREE college (it goes without saying nothing will be done to rein in the outrageous tuition costs because tax payers will now be funding 100% of it, so it's "free")

  • Provide 3 months of tax payer financed family leave

  • Guarantee income from birth

  • Guaranteed federal financed job

  • Eliminate border fences

  • Eliminate ICE

  • Reinstate the Iran nuclear deal

  • Cut military funding

  • Impeach President Trump, and indict his children

  • Impeach Judge Kavanaugh

"Under the Trump Administration, 1.6 million people have gotten off food stamps. That's bad for democrats, because they're the Party of Dependence"

- Don Trump, Jr comments on Fox News 9/13/19

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2020 Can't-idates*

* "Can't-idates" coined by Greg Gutfeld

Dem-on-Dem Violence

he last refuge of a flailing female candidate is sexism. 

The "No Malarkey" tour? 

To quote Joe Biden, "You're a damn liar, man."

Mark Levin rips 2020 Dem field as 'weakest candidates I've ever seen'

Mark Levin said Friday that the 2020 Democratic presidential primary field is the weakest lineup of contenders he's ever witnessed, calling several of the top-tier candidates "narcissistic." 


Democrats’ agenda would dismantle economyAdriana Cohen, Boston Harold


Growth or destruction — that’s the choice voters will face when they make a decision between the Trump administration’s record and the promises to dismantle the economy being made by Democrats who take the debate stage Thursday in Houston.

President Trump is a builder who is growing our economy, creating millions of jobs and safeguarding our freedoms while Democratic candidates have pledged to abolish the electoral college, destroy private health insurance and wipe out the U.S. energy sector under the ruse of fighting climate change.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other backers of the Green New Deal, pegged by some at a cost of $93 trillion, support the destruction of the domestic fossil fuel industry and the 10 million U.S. jobs that go with it.

The boondoggle would deal a massive blow to the U.S. economy and serve a huge economic win to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other OPEC nations that don’t share our values. It’ll also give foreign adversaries game-changing power and geo-political leverage if America loses its energy independence.

The initiative would be a colossal foreign policy blunder with widespread ramifications impacting U.S. national security, in spite of the fact that America is the global leader in reducing carbon emissions for more than a decade.

That latter achievement should be applauded by the left but is conveniently ignored. Why? Because the quest by Democrats to combat climate change isn’t truly about protecting Mother Nature — it’s about controlling virtually every aspect of our lives, and pocketbooks.


Warren and other Democratic hopefuls have vowed to ban fracking which has boosted natural gas supplies, enabling generators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning away from coal.

That benefit is lost on liberals who are more interested in growing big government and centralizing power than protecting the U.S. economy and union workers who’ll quickly find themselves unemployed if any Green New Deal backer becomes president.

In a tweet on Friday Warren promised, “On my first day as president, I will sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands. And I will ban fracking —everywhere.”

It’s no surprise America’s largest federation of unions, the AFL-CIO wrote a scathing letter to Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey, co-sponsors of the Green New Disaster warning, “We will not accept proposals that could cause immediate harm to millions of our members and their families. We will not stand by and let threats to our members’ jobs and their families’ standards of living go unanswered.”

Warren, Sanders and other “central planners” also pledge to ban private health insurance and force the nation onto Medicare for All, putting a faceless government bureaucrat in charge of major health decisions such as what doctor you can see and when. A little nervous? You should be. Just look at how many veterans died on government run waiting lists at the VA while Obama was president.

Come the next election, voters have a choice between those who are building our great country and those who seek to destroy it.

Choose wisely.

The Jihad Squad aka "AOC & 3"

They'd be an entertaining joke if their ideas weren't so ignorant and dangerous. 

Finally. The Feds — including ICE — appear to be investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar.

At least three departments are reviewing what could be the worst-ever crime spree by an elected US official.

Rep. Ilhan Omar faces an unexpected Republican challenger in Minnesota — she’s a Muslim refugee, too

 Dalia has used her life experience to expose oppression and boost the U.S, Omar has done the opposite — stoking fear, inspiring hatred, inciting violence, and embarrassing the U.S.," her campaign website states.

Click here for Dalia's website

Ilhan Omar - Dope

I have commented more than once that Ilhan Omar, while a remarkably arrogant person, is also a woman of very limited intelligence. To be fair, you could say that about a lot of liberals. But this tweet, issued by Omar yesterday, illustrates the point:

Latest AOC rambling:

"My family relied on food stamps (EBT) when my dad died at 48. I was a student. If this happened then, we might’ve just starved. Now, many people will,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. “It’s shameful how the GOP works overtime to create freebies for the rich while dissolving lifelines of those who need it most.”

The problem with this blathering is new work requirements apply only to able-bodied adults between the ages of 18 and 49 who are without dependents. So, this rule would never have applied to either of her parents.

She really is the ignorant gift that keeps on giving. 

Tlaib Insists It’s Not Racist To Say White People Can’t Be Police Analysts

From a woman who has been quick to accuse opponents of racism, the remarks were shocking. Even more unbelievable was Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s op-ed alleging her words ‘weren’t racist. Read More...

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Breaks From ‘The Squad’ With Endorsement Of Warren

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, a member of the so-called progressive group know as, “The Squad,” endorsed her home state Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren, for President.

“I’m proud to call her my Senator, I can’t wait to call her our President,” Pressley said in her endorsement video.  Read More...

Democrats Hold a Terrible Hand of Race Cards

...AOC played it a little more subtly saying of Pelosi, "But the persistent singling out ... it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful ... the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color." Just a long-winded way of calling Pelosi a racist.

Woke Racism

The new racism is epidemic among those in the so-called squad, the self-referenced nickname for four media-obsessed, first-term congressional representatives...who without their daily charges of bias largely would be unknown back-benchers laboring away in obscurity.

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