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"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere."  - Voltaire

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Want to know more about socialism, and what the Democrat Socialist Agenda means for this country? (It isn't a pretty picture.) Click Here to visit our website page on the subject. 


When every liberal idea is a "right", when everything liberals want becomes a "right", then those rights are owned by the government, and you no longer have ANY rights. - unknown

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." - Voltaire

 “A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.” - various attributions

Goals of the Coup

The Left's Agenda in a Nutshell

- Pack the Supreme Court

- Forcibly confiscate your guns

- Eliminate the Electoral College

- Give citizenship to millions of illegals

- Eliminate the filibuster

- Make DC & Puerto Rico states

Basically, make it impossible for Republicans to ever win again, implementing single party rule. 


This is a MUST READ Article

 - From American Thinker

Liberals Want To Grab Your Guns

But, Who Will Do the Grabbing

The Left's Totalitarian Government Is Already Descending On Us!
Free Speech is already being trampled
YOUR freedoms will continue to erode under a Socialist America
We will be adding important updates on the danger to American citizens who
dare to disagree with the new Nazi Regime taking over our country.
We will also provide information about what you can do to fight back. 
Stay tuned....
We'll Never Let Them Forget They Put Uncle Touchy In Control Of Our Country
biden with 2 kids.jpg
biden with hand on girls chest.jpeg

She looks ticked off.  Where's the Me-Too group when its your own Creepy Joe? 

And That Brings Us to the VP 
That's What Identity Politics Gets You: Race and Gender Over Competence & Merit
Remember, in the Primary, she didn't get even ONE vote. 
She dropped out before the first voter test!
The angry, Soros backed candidate with nothing to offer could be our next president!

Kamila Harris

Even CNN is noticing Kamala Harris is an empty pantsuit

I have long had very little regard for the abilities of Kamala Harris.  She entered politics on her back, as the mistress of Willie Brown, a man decades older, and ran for office more on the basis of her good looks and enticing and exotic intersectional cred as the mixed-race child of a black (Jamaican, not African-American) father and an Indian (South Asian, not Native American) mother.  Her performance in office, from her work as an assistant D.A. in Oakland on through California A.G. and her brief tenure as a U.S. senator, has not been impressive. 


The Socialist Agenda Will Destroy Our Economy

– Excerpts from an article by Adriana Cohen, Boston Harold


Growth or destruction — that’s the choice voters will face when they make a decision between the Trump administration’s record of success, and the Democrat promise to dismantle the economy & take us back to the disastrous years of Obama. 

Trump has shown we don't have to live in a declining country. 

President Trump is a builder who is growing our economy, creating millions of jobs and safeguarding our freedoms while Fascist Democrats have pledged to abolish the electoral college, destroy private health insurance and wipe out the U.S. energy sector under the ruse of fighting climate change. 

Biden now backs the Green New Deal, pegged by some at a cost of $93 trillion, and supports the destruction of the domestic fossil fuel industry and the 10 million U.S. jobs that go with it. 

The boondoggle would deal a massive blow to the U.S. economy and serve a huge economic win to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other OPEC nations that don’t share our values. It’ll also give foreign adversaries game-changing power and geo-political leverage if America loses its energy independence.

The initiative would be a colossal foreign policy blunder with widespread ramifications impacting U.S. national security, in spite of the fact that America is the global leader in reducing carbon emissions for more than a decade.

That latter achievement should be applauded by the left but is conveniently ignored. Why? Because the quest by Democrats to combat climate change isn’t truly about protecting Mother Nature — it’s about controlling virtually every aspect of our lives, and pocketbooks.

sanders single payer.jpg

Biden now also supports the ban of private health insurance and force the nation onto Medicare for All, putting a faceless government bureaucrat in charge of major health decisions such as what doctor you can see and when. A little nervous? You should be. Just look at how many veterans died on government run waiting lists at the VA while Obama was president.

Click graph to enlarge. Taxes to pay for single payer will increase to 70% of income

VCRC update: "Medicare for All" is NOT traditional Medicare. It is single payer, government in TOTAL control, healthcare. The Democrats completely botched the back end of Obamacare and relied on insurance companies to tell the government how many enrollees, and how much money, the government owed! What? True. Now, the Democrats completely botched something as simple as the Iowa Caucus. Do you seriously want them controlling YOUR healthcare, your CHILDREN'S healthcare, and 1/6 of our economy? If you said "yes", you MUST be a liberal Democrat.  

Come the next election, voters have a choice between those who are building our great country and those who seek to destroy it.

Choose wisely.

The good news is, voters did choose wisely. The bad news is, Democrats, big tech, and foreign enemies are trying to steal the election from us. 

We will NOT allow that to happen. Our great president is fighting for our country and our constitutional republic.​ or
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