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Former Governor Eric Greitens Exonerated By MO Ethics Commission
After a 20-month investigation, the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) released an order exonerating former Governor Eric Greitens. They found “no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Eric Greitens.” Charlie Spies, the leader of Dickinson Wright PLLC’s political law practice, served as Mr. Greitens’ legal counsel throughout the MEC investigation.
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Missouri Legislature Votes to Expand Mail-In Voting, with REPUBLICAN Support!
Voter fraud is a real danger, and no where is that danger greater than with mail-in voting. To be clear, "mail-in voting" is different from "Absentee Voting". Absentee voting has requirements in place to help safeguard the vote. While not as secure as in-person voting, it is vastly safer than Mail-In Voting. Mail-In voting means ballots are sent out en masse, without sufficient safeguards to ensure who will receive them, who will complete them, and who will mail them back. . We have numerous articles on the fraud that encompasses mail-in voting (and to a lesser extent absentee voting) on our Home page.
On May 15th, the Missouri legislature, with Republican support, passed an expansion of our voting laws to include  mail-in voting. Its important to note Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft withdrew his support for this bill when important safeguards, such as Voter ID, were stripped from the bill. As of May 26th, it is sitting on Governor Parson's desk awaiting his veto or his signature. Which will it be? We. Don't. Know. 
Terry Huey, MLS, who is a Vernon County Republican Committe, Committee-Woman compiled the article which appears below.  This article was overnighted to Governor Parson so that he would receive it by May 26th. It urges Governor Parson to veto this legislation. This bill is wrong for Missouri. We deserve to trust our government to protect the integrity of our elections. Mail-in voting betrays that trust. 
We invite any concerned citizen to contact the governor at this link: 
Tell him you are opposed to mail-in voting. If you prefer, you can simply copy and paste our suggested text into the Comments section of the email form. (Also, choose "Legislation - Share Your Opinion" as the "Subject". )
Suggested text: 

I am highly concerned about the passage of SB631, the "No Excuse" Vote by Mail legislation.

I note Sec of State Ashcroft withdrew his support when important safeguards were stripped from the bill. I agree wholeheartedly with his position.

I am a Missouri Republican. Missourians are NOT in favor of this legislation, and WE URGE YOU TO VETO IT.

As you know, vote by mail brings with it the very serious threat of voter fraud. This election is too important to take unnecessary chances, and Missouri needs to be on the side of fair elections. I am highly alarmed Republican members of the Senate and House voted in favor of this bill even after safeguards were removed.

We expect the Republican representatives we vote into office to reflect Republican values, and that includes safeguarding the election process.

I urge you to VETO SB631.

Our mail-in voting research paper was mailed to Governor Parson on 5/22/20. Click HERE to read that correspondence. 
This paper was hand delivered to Governor Parson the end of February. Unfortunately, he'd already contacted Secretary of Defense Pompeo to advise Missouri would accept refugees. 

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