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VCRC Contacts


Vernon County Republican Committee Officers (2020 - 2022)

(Note: Contact information is provided as a service to residents and voters.
​Any unauthorized use will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Unauthorized use will also be reported to the FBI at this site)

VC Central Committee Officers

Chair: Cyndia Haggard


Vice-Chair: Jerry Wadel

Secretary: Brett Dawn

Treasurer: April Mosher

126th Congressional Committee Officers

Chair: Frieda Hickman

Vice-Chair: Ted Koller

Secretary: Bev Beaty

Treasurer: Jerry Haggard


Vernon County Central
​Committee Men and Women by Ward or Township

(Central Committee people are also a part of the legislative committee.)

We have a number of vacant positions in various wards and townships.
If you are interested in serving as a committee person for your ward or township, please contact our Chair, listed above.
These positions must be filed for every two years. The next open filing will be in 2020 at the same time as other elected candidates file to run for office. There is no fee to file for a committee person position, but the filing is done at the County Clerk's office. If there is no opposition, the person is deemed to be elected at the completion of primary voting. Interim vacant positions can be filled by a vote to appoint which is conducted by the existing Vernon County committee men and women. 

Center Township
Ward 1


Ward 2

Theodore Koller
Committee Woman - Vacant

Ward 3

Ward 4

Robert Jones
Valo Jones

Ward 5

Larry Malcom

Betty Malcom

Ward 6
Stafford Agee
Committee woman - vacant

Ward 7

Jerry Haggard
Cyndia Haggard

​Ward 8

Center Township Outside

Brett Dawn
April Mosher

​Bacon Township

Badger Township

Blue Mound

Albert Van Nest
Committee Woman - Vacant

Clear Creek Township

Bev Beaty

Coal Township

Deerfield Township
Rob Selsor
Pauline Quest 

Dover Township
Darrell Hickman
Frieda Hickman

Drywood Township

Committee man - vacant

Janie Claflin

Harrison Township

Henry Township

Lake Township

Metz Township

Gerald (Jerry) Wadel
Committee Woman - Vacant

Montevallo Township

Moundville Township

Mike Morris
Committee Woman - Vacant

Osage Township

Clay Lyons, Jr
Pricilla Lyons

Richland Township

Virgil Township

Jay Bowmaster
Barbara York

Walker Township

Washington Township

Scott Buerge
Charlotte Buerge

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